Girl to friend: I can't believe you broke a nail on your own ass hair! –Church & Chambers Three-year-old boy to another: I like you but I don't like your baby because your baby grabbed my hair. –Central Park, Great Lawn Girl: Oh, I'm so glad this is all working out. (gets up and sees her reflection) Fuck! Why didn't you tell me my hair looked like a dead beaver? –Prince St Cafe Overheard by: It DID Black woman to infant held by her mother: Where did you get all of that hair? I want some of that hair. (pats her head) This ain't my hair, I could really use yours. –Harlem Polling Station Overheard by: Joe Girl yelling into cell: He's not even hairy! –Times Square Overheard by: Well then why do they call him that? Chick: I thought we were made for each other, but he's too bearded. –113th St Overheard by: Ursula & Winifred