Guy drinking wine: Coming to work wasted is frowned upon, but also lovingly embraced. –Tartine, West Village Fake bag hawker to woman in suit with briefcase: Can I get a job, miss? Are you hiring, miss? –Canal St Suit: When I die, don't go to my funeral, just go to work. –33rd St &3rd Ave Crazy girl on cell: All I know is that I need a really fucking good job with no fucking drug test. –Museum of Natural History Overheard by: Sam Fez Weird guy to girl: I mean, I come home from work not feeling sexy at all. (subway car screeches) It's not exactly the most testosterone-filled job there is. (car screeches loudly again, then guy starts using hand motions) I have no idea how to get in the mood again! –6 Train Overheard by: fresca Boss to peon: And grab Mary. (pause) Gently. –Broadway