Girl on cell: My ex-boyfriend used to call the subway "The MTA," and I was like, "Yeah…this isn't working out." –Penn Station Overheard by: I would've dumped him too Teenager on cell: If, hypothetically, what we had been doing was dating, then technically, hypothetically, he just broke up with me. Fucking douche. –Finacial District Cute girl: Don't you know the rules of break-ups? You have to clean out the drawer. You can't bring old lube to a new relationship. –Essex & Grand Overheard by: yaletownkid Guy to friend: So you're telling me that I broke up with her because of lube? –Park Slope Guy on cell: Look, I know I said "forever." It's not your fault! To be honest, I just never really liked you that much! –West 4th St. Subway Entrance Preppy boy: That was the worst part about breaking up with my ex-girlfriend. She got a 50% discount at Polo! –Bloomingdale's