Female hipster, loudly: I hate those two! They're egomaniacs with low self esteem! –Staten Island Overheard by: Johnny Drongo Sullen-looking girl: I guess it's just incumbent on me to be cheerful regardless of the fact that I hate everything. –Warren St & W Broadway Overheard by: Tha WB Girl at Dali exhibition: I hate people. I hate museums. I really hate Spaniards. –Dali and Film Exhibition, MoMA Overheard by: Andi C. Concerned girl to friends: Maybe if we stopped singing Simon & Garfunkel so loudly, people would hate us less. –Grand Central Teen girl: I just hate her so much! I'm not even going to Facebook friend her, I hate her so much! –B Train Overheard by: Jen European woman wearing I Love NY shirt, holding Sex & the City box set: I hate Americans. –Canal & Lafayette