Pissing guy on phone: What do you mean you're not going to have sex with me? (entire bathroom laughs hysterically) See! Even these motherfuckers agree with me! –Bathroom, Madison Square Garden Overheard by: Bobby Dad to young son in bathroom stall: Aim in the bowl. Aim in the bowl. Aim in the bowl. Did you aim in the bowl? Did you aim in the bowl? (son comes out of stall) You did! But you didn't flush. One out of two ain't bad. –Bathroom, Union Square Movie Theater (constipation grunts and electronic sounds are heard inside next stall)
Guy in next stall, on walkie-talkie: Hey, Tony, turn the walkie-talkie off when you take a shit! –Men's Room, Hilton Hotel Drunk white girl: Oh my god, this bathroom is so dark. How am I supposed to see my vagina? –East Village Tall black British guy using the urinal, to himself: Repeat aftah me…you are a rock star! Ah! Yeah! –5th Avenue