Waspy girl to gaggle of friends: You know, medium-rare is, like, totally the new medium. You know what I mean? (friends stare blankly) No, I guess you wouldn't. –6 Train Overheard by: I Like Mine Bleeding B&T CSR: Pork killed my father. –80 Pine St Overheard by: It's me Stroller-pushing mom to friend: I gotta do something about her leg! It looks like freeze-dried meat. –DeKalb & Washington, Brooklyn Overheard by: Morning Glory NYU girl to friend: My hair smells like meat. –NYU Kimmel Center Overheard by: evanescent Girl to friend: This is my pi system: it's like a sausage. –NYU Classroom Man to can of corned beef: God, you understand me so well. –Duane Reade Overheard by: Murphy