Skinny pale male hippie with hair in top knot, to friend, calmly: I'm going to lose my brain. A piece of my brain. –E.11th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Liz Man on cell: Yeah, he crossed the line. Then, when he started talking about my wife's anatomy I was just disgusted. –31st Parking Garage Thug, about his baby son: So, I'm lookin' at this kid. I be lookin' at him real hard. He got everything I got! Square head, the shoulders, the flat feet, everything! Straight down to the penis! –Staten Island Ferry Out of towner to friend: I just want to let you know your armpit is making my wrist very warm right now. –3 Train Overheard by: there are worse places you could put that, I guess… Man to friends: He empties his mind into your face. –5th Ave & 11th St

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