Black guy: That show was so white, I just wanted to bomb the place. –W 49th & Broadway Overheard by: Erin 19-year-old street vendor: Well, pipe bombs are easy…but they do a lot of damage. –Chinatown Guy dressed in sequined jacket, screaming on escalator: I can't fucking believe this fucking shit. They have no fucking radios. What K-Mart got no fucking radios? No fucking radios! (after a long pause) I'm gonna bomb this muthafucka to the ground. –K Mart, 8th St Overheard by: I Didn't Know the Unibomber Got a Makeover Man on phone: Do you know why they bombed on 7/11? –50th St & 9th Ave 20-something girl to friend, after large explosion is heard: Well, I'm from Detroit, so when I hear things like that it doesn't even bother me. –Union Square Holiday Market Overheard by: isa Woman, as a grungy guy walks by: Whenever I see sullen long-haired bearded men in army jackets I am afraid something is going to get blown up. –Union Square Overheard by: Confabulation Nation