Blonde chick to dude: Isn't he, like, koreish? –F Train Dude on cell: It's not even like a relationship, it's all texting, it's a textationship. –22nd & 1st Overheard by: loves it Girl on cell: She was all slippy and shit. –SoHo Student to another: The trouble with you is that you got the wrong misconception. –Broadway & 116th Overheard by: Cousin Al Mom, upon examining young son's pruney toes: Jake! What's wrong with your toe? Look, the skin is coming off, it's like you're molding! Just like a little bird! Your foot is molding! –Prep School Swimming Pool Overheard by: I dream of Jean Teen on payphone: Listen! Mah words isn't what I'm sayin! –Fulton & Broadway Overheard by: Mondo Man Woman on cell: You thought he was gonna shit on you? Sit? Spit? You gonna need to step up your English game. –Fulton Street Subway Station Overheard by: Johnny Twisto