Guy rushing past crowd: Why would I go to work on the day of Barneys Warehouse sale…are you insane? –78th & Broadway 20-something white guy: Enough of this hippie shit. Let's go to the four floor Abercrombie. –Strawberry Fields Overheard by: Alison Girl: I was so depressed. I actually almost bought that leather jacket from Express. Whose bright idea was it to have the MCAT testing center in a shopping district? –1 Train 20-something woman to another: Wow, it's just like the Westchester mall here, only outside. –Bleecker & W 10th Very Caucasian tourist: Holy frick! Where is The Gap? –42nd & Broadway Middle aged woman in hot pink, yelling: I won't shop today! I will not shop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I will not fucking shop today! I won't shop! Fuck you! –Urban Outfitters