Short girl: Yo, Friday? I'm getting done. Done! Getting saucy. Saucy! With two double Es. "Sau-cee!" Like pasta! Nigga, I get buns! –1 Train Overheard by: Ben B. Office drone to coworker: So yeah, they have this like big place in the city. But they have a patio and a garden and they cook every single night. They cook on their patio! But not like my cooking. Not cereal. They make braised lamb. –32nd St & Broadway Overheard by: Marie Z. Teen on cell: Mmm, that peppercorn brandy sauce was gangster. –72nd & Colombus Overheard by: Lauren Random dude: Maybe they'll let you put a biscuit on lay-away. –KFC, 106th & Broadway Guy on cell: So, I just need to get some toilet paper, tomato soup, and chain myself in the room for a while. –Astor Place Overheard by: Brigdh Eight-year-old kid to mother, referring to generic cereal: Yo, they've got bootleg Froot Loops! –Target, Atlantic & Flatbush Overheard by: Ravi