Tipsy, barefoot woman, lifting skirt in broad daylight: Gotta air out my coochie! –W 88th St Belligerent drunk woman: I've never even heard of these fucking stops! (later) Scarsdale! I don't even know how to spell "Scarsdale"! Other than…Scarsdale. (later) What the fuck is Hartsdale? Slap me across the face with a big dick! –Metro-North Train Drunk girl to friends sitting on a couch left on the sidewalk: Don't sit on that couch, it's probably covered in bodily urine! –East Village Overheard by: Herr Professor Doktor Drunk wife to drunk husband during poker game: Don't you dare tell me about things that I don't understand! –Poker Game, Astoria Overheard by: NYCWATERBABY Drunk girl: Bedford Avenue does not know how to find the clit! –L Train