60-year-old woman to friend, at Met opening gala: I'm not going to go to the opera this year. There are no fancy entrances. –62nd & Amsterdam, Improvised Met Entrance Overheard by: Melissa Crazy man to group of young women: Hello ladies, are you having a nice night? (women ignore him) You could just say "yes." I'm not Jack the Ripper, I'm not the Boston Strangler…look at you, walking all fancy and shit! –125th & 5th Ave Overheard by: Anna Tourist girl: Y'all, Times Square is so fancy. They have a red lobster! –Times Square Hobo: Red lobster? What kind of fancy guy do you know? You're lucky if I can buy you a slice of pizza. –Staten Island Ferry Terminal Overheard by: hungry4biscuits Crazy guy on subway: You have to hold onto your valuables, your Christmas presents, your fancy lingerie…because if you put them down, someone will take them. People are really fast around here. Men, women, transvestites…transvestites are really fond of fancy lingerie. –Northbound R Train Overheard by: ElizabethB