Sikh guy: I know a guy from high school who wore a name tag for eight years. –W 4th St Man on cell: You know, what's-her-face, she's friends with what's-her-name in HR. –54th & 6th Aging Guido: So there was this girl, I loved her, what was her name? Oh right, Nina. She lived in this fucked-up place. She said she had one kid, I went over one time, there were like three. Anyway, one time she was all like, "could I get three thousand pesos?" or whatever, and I was like, "Sure, if I get to fuck you and your friend!" –1 Train Mother to whiny brunette daughter: If you don't stop complaining I'm going to change your name. (pause) Yes, I'm going to change your name to Merlot, and your sister will be Chardonnay. –61st & Madison Overheard by: nancy Small girl to unsuspecting male stranger: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! (indicating mother) Her name's Sophia. –M 96 Bus