Girl on cell: You keep talking over me–it makes me want to punch you in the uterus. –Ray's Pizza, 52 & 8th Overheard by: Jarett Guy to friend: You keep referring to me as "that guy" and we'll see how long you stay conscious. –33rd & 7th Nervous man seated against the wall: I don't like this seat. I don't like sitting here. I like to sit on the aisle. What if there's a fight? I don't want to be trapped in a place with a fight. –Off-Broadway Theatre Overheard by: Hannah Ghetto chick: Can't you get somebody else to fuck him up? Why you gotta do it? –W Train Overheard by: sara n. Man: He was trying to turn his alcoholism into a positive thing instead of attacking the guy who raped his sister. –The Strand Bookstore Overheard by: Slightly confused, yet intrigued… Girl on cell: Remember that time you got into a fight with an inch worm? –Chambers St Overheard by: Shooty