Dude with headphones on: How the fuck did Britney Spears get on my iPod? –13th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Alice Bus driver: Next stop, 47th Street. And to the asshole who has his iPod on too loud, turn it down or I'll throw you the fuck off. –M15 Bus Overheard by: Turned mine off immediately White girl: It was like Hanukkah on my iPod yesterday! It said there was no battery left but it lasted for two hours! –Bayside, Queens Overheard by: Alexandra Dad to girl: If you can just get over being a pissy girl, you get a free iPod Touch. –23rd St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: Jill Twiss Really stoned girl, looking at iTunes latest releases: iFart mobile? Do they really have that for sale? iPhone can fart now? (pause) Is there anything an Apple device can't do? –Bayside, Queens Man playing electric guitar on subway: I take Mexican money, I take umbrellas. I take whatever you got. I have three kids at home who need iPods. –2 Train Overheard by: res