Suit: The ancients left records all over the place. Look at the pyramids, dickhead. –83rd & Amsterdam Overheard by: EthanK Drunk guy, as '80s song plays on jukebox: '80s music was so inspirational, cuz they knew Reaganomics wasn't gonna work. '90s, we were in a boom so it was like, "don't forget how bad things are!" Now music just sucks, cuz everything sucks. –The Punch Bowl, 238th & Broadway, The Bronx Overheard by: Kyle Crocodile Preppy blond guy: Wow, I didn't realize The Great Depression was so bad! –Columbia Law School Drunk hobo yelling at sidewalk: Fuck those guys! They can't fire me! They need me! What the fuck? I built those temples, goddamnit! Those Mayans need me! I'm the only one who built those temples! –23rd b/w 4th & 5th Wisdom-sharing mother of two: Well, of course socks were invented first! Soccer was invented before shoes and they wore socks to play it! Why do you think it's called soccer? They were wearing socks long before they were wearing shoes. –Restaurant, Columbus Ave Girl: Wait! George Washington is Johnny Appleseed, right? –Stuyvesant High School