Man on cell: She said I had to pay, so I shat in her mouth and left. –34th & 5th Three-year-old boy, looking overjoyed: I have to go poop! –Store, 18th & Union Square West Overheard by: i had to go, too! Woman getting on train, giggling: I got a question…is there a pile of feces on this train? –A Train Elderly man on phone: Yesterday I coughed and shat my pants. –3rd Ave & Fordham Four-year-old boy, dancing: I like to move it, move it! I like to poop it, poop it! –E 69th St McDonald's Overheard by: Leslie Brunette on cell: And then I told her, "hey hey, I'm not the fecal freak here. Don't go throwing poo at me." I mean really, I don't even like my own poo. I'm supposed to like hers? –Williamsburg