Obnoxious NYU student on phone: Hey, remember that cute boy in my chemistry class I was telling you about? Well, I totally just saw him in a gay porno! –Study Room, NYU Dorm Overheard by: NYU Ears Patient woman: She's making friends with an old porn star, leave her alone! –2nd Ave b/w 50th & 51st Overheard by: sab Cranky suit to nodding friend: Except for porn and eBay, no one knows how to make money anymore! –Madison Ave & 47th St Overheard by: kricka Girl to friend: This would be a great place to shoot a porno. –Downstairs Bar, Morimoto Restaurant iPhone screamer: Yeah, just take the exec-u-table file and put it in the folder. Right the exec-u-table file! I know, the music is funny, like a porno, right? –33rd St b/w 5th & 6th Chick: You *know* we're all going to be googling "eggbeater porn" before the night is over. –Party, 171st & Broadway Overheard by: Ladle