Loud obnoxious girl in movie theater: Oh yeah, I confuse a billion and a million all the time. –Union Square Movie Theatre College student to friend: Yo, I know doctors that are making mad money but are still behind because of their student loans! One of them told me that I should go to a CUNY or SUNY for my undergrad, then spend the big bucks at a private college for my grad. Yo, it costs $200,000 to go to school, that's like half a million dollars! –E Train Overheard by: hopefully he won't be measuring doses Creepy bald tattooed guy: 30% of communication is verbal. (creepy lady nods) And that means that the other 60% is done with our bodies…I've done the research it's incredible. –Spring St & Greene St Overheard by: Seth Girl on phone: Yeah, so everyone else had like 3, or 5, and I had 75. –Union Square Overheard by: Jenn Blonde teen on cell: 12 is not a baker's dozen, it's only a dozen. A baker's dozen is like 144. I've only slept with twelve guys, okay? Get off my back! –Amsterdam Ave b/w 90th & 91st