Girl on cell: I would have had to study way a lot more to do better on that exam. –72nd St & Broadway Student: I cheated on every test in that class…I even cheated on the survey! –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Liz Guy: I can't decide which song to listen to. (girls around him look at him quizzically) No, I normally listen to Van Halen's Right Now before a test, but this is my first exam in law school, and I want to set a precedent. –Fordham Law School Cafeteria, Lincoln Center Overheard by: pumpkin Guy on phone: Yeah, normally in these situations I'd knock on my head, but I need my brain for the test today, so I'm not going to pretend it's wood. –Ditmars & 31st St Overheard by: Natalie Student on phone: So what? I don't care that they're mad at me for getting pregnant again. I've got bigger things to deal with…two finals in one day. –Fordham University, Rose Hill Proctor: Okay, now don't leave any of the answers blank, cause it will be wrong. If you don't know, take a guess. It's like lotto: "Hey, you never know." –New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Overheard by: Kristina