Girl: How much for a pig in a blanket?
Thug #1: A what now?
Girl: A pig in a blanket. See, there. (points to pretzel dogs)
Thug #1: Oh, a hot dog!
Thug #2: A hot dog?
Thug #1: A hot dog! Like, I thought she meant a pig wrapped up in a blanket. –Pretzel stand, Penn Station Headline by: E-Man>Master of the UNIVERSE! Runners-Up:
· “And I Still Don’t Get Why People Ask for Rocks in Their Drinks at the Bar!” – time in a cube
· “Because a Hot Dog Is a Much More Logical Name for Them” – shah
· “Do You Mean MY Pig in YOUR Blanket?” – Joe
· “In Their Defense, There Was a Cop Wearing Layers Right Next to the Hot Dog Stand” – Andrew
· “Like My Penis” – Vivi
· “No, No, Those Are the HOBO Dogs” – Sodajerk
· “Those’re Five Bucks, but You Gotta Know a Guy in Chinatown” – Seth
· “When She Asked for a Bloody Mary He Fainted” – Brik
· “Yo, I Just Be Keepin It Literal” – jason
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