Man walking in to immigration center to immigration security guard: You look very elegant today. –Immigration Application Support Center, Queens Lady: Oh my gosh, Casey looks so good! You would never know that he's blind! –W 20th St & 9th Ave Overheard by: Katie AK Slightly tipsy elderly suit: Do you know where I can find a beautiful woman? Someone to spend the rest of my life with? –Metropolitan Museum Info Desk A Capella group leader, walking into train: Ladies and gentlemen, happy Thursday. We are a Doo Whop group and we are here to entertain you. If you like what you hear, show us some love. If you are miserable, hell, add more fiber to your diet. This Sunday, we will be saluting the best-looking people on the subway. Have a fiberrific day! –6 Train Overheard by: Em Allears Ghetto black chick after someone took a picture of her: Did you get all the beautifulness? –Saks Fifth Avenue Overheard by: gregumsdagreggy