Dad to whiny three-year-old daughter: And now you're going to try and manipulate me by crying. –186th St & Ft. Washington Ave Girl to friends: That's just the way the world is. You don't see me cryin' whenever someone calls me a fat bitch or a short bitch or an ugly bitch… –23rd & 8th 15-year-old boy: Yo, I'd cry if that happened to me, but I'm just sensitive like that. –A Train Overheard by: pop pop Girl: And then you know I take out my yo-yo and start dancing. And then you know I'm multi-tasking! I'm yo-yoing, dancing and crying all at the same time! –LaGuardia High School Woman on cell: Alex, stop crying. Stop crying. What about the breadsticks, were there at least breadsticks? –34th & 6th