Thuggette to two friends: So we, like, had a threesome, just without the sex. –Kingsborough Community College Hipster boy holding Christmas wreath: Well, no, I wasn't part of the threesome. –Pearl St & John St Overheard by: Matthew Blonde 30-something: I love threesomes. That's when you go shopping with two friends, right? Right? –77th & Lexington Overheard by: iwantinonthat Suit on cell: Were you invited to the gangbang? I wasn't invited! She always invites me to the gangbang! Fucking whore! –86th & Park Ave Overheard by: i wasn't invited either! Conductor: Man, I am telling you, those two girls were just not ready, ready for me. –A Train Hobo: I would like money to buy beer so I can get drunk, and take home two women so they can molest me. –M&M Store