Little girl to woman walking by: Oh, look–another person, sooooo interesting. It's not like we haven't seen enough of those today. –D'Agnostino's, Greenwich & Barrow Overheard by: Margo Boy walking in church to mom: And when we walk in we'll hear Gregorian chants. –Trinity Church Four-year-old boy, after plane's smooth landing: Whoa, that was solid! –JFK Airport Overheard by: jen Kid at birthday party: I thought they were feeding us ice cream, not shit! –McDonald's, Bayside Adorable child having a temper tantrum: I don't want to walk, I want to go in the stroller!
(mother ignores him) I'm melting… I'm meeelllting! –New York Transit Museum Overheard by: NatalyaPetrovna