5th grader to friends on stairs: So my brother burned a hole in the floor so we could spy on the neighbors. –The Spence School Overheard by: urbanadventurer Hot 20-something: If another mediocre man hits on me after another mediocre meal I am going to burn the city down! –1 Train 20-something to friend: The house burnt down, and now my dad has no eyebrows. No really, he has no eyebrows. –Thompkin Square Park Yuppie guy: You know, I think heartburn is the best kind of burn someone could have. –Bleecker & Jones Overheard by: Jas Five-year-old boy, singing: Let the train, let the train, let the train be on fire!
(continues for a few minutes) Let China, let China, let China be on fire! –F Train Subway conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, this train is being held due to a…slight fire at the next station. –C Train Overheard by: G.