Hipster to friend having problems with ATM card: Maybe it's for normal people and you're just abnormally large. –Village ATM Overheard by: rafa Overenthusiastic father of new skater: Oh, you know, it's her first time, so I wanted to make sure that I was there to help her through it so that it'd be extra-special for her. –Wollman Rink, Central Park Overweight woman: Where's Wang? Guys, where's Wang? –Hard Rock Cafe Tourist mom: It's not big enough to impress me. –Grand Central Overheard by: Not The Empire State, Surely Loud woman: It was a three-legged pussy! –Union Square Subway Station Overheard by: Rachel K Modern literature professor, after ending class early: Well, that's it, I've blown my load. –Columbia University