Girl, accidentally touching guy's hand: I'm so sorry!
Guy: That's okay, you can put your hands wherever you want. –1 Train Headline by: Jared Rizzi Runners-Up:
· “Female Muggers Everywhere Have a Breakthrough” – Mo Rod
· “He Has the Most Sucess at Petting Zoos” – Kelly
· “He Ran When She Eyed His Ass and Curled Her Hand Into a Fist” – Joel Moore
· “He’ll Regret This Statement Once Flesh-eating Disease Sets In…” – James
· “How Fisting Came Into Existence” – Thug Audit
· “How Jimmy Lost His Wallet” – BabakganoosH
· “Purell’s New Ad Campaign” – blistexaddict
· “Why Frank Was Never Good at Twister…” – Amy
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