Dressed up overweight 20-something girl to another: We're in our 20s. We're like supposed to be slutty, right? –Norman & Diamond Overheard by: Guess I missed the memo 20-something girl College girl to another: You gotta hit it and quit it, like a dude! –W Broadway & 108th St Overheard by: Tess Janky fat woman: He never told me not to tramp! –5th Ave Overheard by: Rob Loud thug with neck tattoos on cell: You know Stud is my son, dude. Stud just wanna hump on women all day. –Deli, Myrtle Ave, Fort Greene Overheard by: Myrtle & Carlton Hipster chick to another: I was wasted! Then I saw him in daylight and said "Holy shit!" –Havemeyer, Grand Street, Williamsburg Overheard by: Miss Heather Lawyerly woman to another: I told him that just because I want to fuck does not mean that we have to love each other. –Foley Square Overheard by: Julio Random guy to cute girl: Good luck, honey. What you wake up with, you're stuck with. –Jimmy Steiny's, Hyatt Street, Staten Island