Four-year old to his father, dreamily: Let's go on the u train! The beautiful u train! –D Line Overheard by: Caitlin Ditzy girl to friend: I hope there's an exit at this station. –96th St Station Amiable suit, answering cell: Hi, hon. (pause) Well, I can't talk long–I have to drive this train. –Amtrak, Penn Station Overheard by: Rich Mintz Little boy: Is this train going to move, or what? –Transit Museum Overheard by: Rita MTA worker in booth, over intercom: Hello everyone. The cost to ride the subway is $2. Only $2. The woman in that blue leather jacket and red hat thinks it's free. If you are standing next to a woman in a blue leather jacket and a red hat, tell her she needs to pay her toll like everyone else. –6 Train Station