Girl on phone: Well then, riddle me this, smart guy: why'd I wake up naked? –Smith & Sackett, Cobble Hill Overheard by: Swimfan Girl: Oh my god! I can't wait to see them naked! –Elevator, Times Square Arts Center Overheard by: Natalie Museum worker: And then I woke up buck naked in a hotel, and there were pictures of me all over the room. –Museum of Art and Design Guy: No, I will not do it in here again. Just because I'm wearing nothing under my jacket, doesn't mean I'm going to flash a crowd of people in every store we enter. I've done it three times already. Get your rocks off some other way. –Columbus Circle Mall Escalator Overheard by: Martin Drunk girl at NYU protest: I don't even know why I'm here, I just want to take off my clothes! –NYU Kimmel Center Overheard by: Lilo Girl on train: Oh, hi! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on. –A Train Overheard by: Don't even wanna know Girl on cell: So I'm gonna be naked, but that's okay, I'll be wearing rollerblades. –N 4th & Bedford Ave