Thuggish Asian watching Cops in store window: Yo, the one without the shirt is always guilty. –College Point Teen girl on cell: I tried biting some people, I got arrested. –R Train Overheard by: Jon Very loud and drunk crackhead to friend: I don't care who you are. Everybody goes to jail some time. –Hoyt & Warren, Brooklyn Pharmacist on phone: Oh my, is she okay? (pause) That's when you got arrested on the plane?
(pause) At Fort Dix!? –Drugstore, 6th Ave Overheard by: Transit161 Friend to another, yelling across street: Good luck with your rape case…I know it wasn't you! –Centre & Grand Overheard by: jzjmrdangerdowntown Small boy, singing to himself: Goodbye, everybody say goodbye… To Chris Brown…'cuz he smacked a woman and he's going to jail. –Barnard College