Yuppie to French friend: That's the first thing you learn in husband school. Unless you really like doing the laundry, the first time you do it turn everything pink. The second time, turn everything pink. –Metro-North Line Overheard by: 2,563 times later my dad still turns everything pink Teen girl: I love the color brown an' shit. –86th St & 4th Ave, Bay Ridge Overheard by: Jon A. Suit to another: Oh, Charlie, don't you know not to wear green on Thursdays? –Flatiron Building Stoned guy: Whoa, it's the roygbiv, like, having a threesome. –Dream House, Tribeca Brunette: I saw a mess of pink and black on the floor, and I knew it was Michelle. –Jake's Dilemma Bar Overheard by: TCS