Teenage girl to friends: How many babies can you squish into an oversized Ferrari? –W 77th & Central Park West Overheard by: Teddy Nicholas Bartender: Can you imagine living somewhere where you actually have to drive home after work? –Vintage Restaurant, Hell's Kitchen Overheard by: GretaGarbo86 Dude eating lunch with friends: Man, I hate to say it, but I love driving drunk. –Restaurant, Bleecker & Lafayette Gay black man to another: First of all, that fender bender you had a block away from your house was not a car accident. My three-car-pile-up was a car accident! –A Train Six-year-old to mom: What? An actual person who drinks and drives and she's famous? She's been in movies and she drinks and drives?! What is happening to this world? –13th St & 5th Ave Random wannabe thug: Yo, we seen a NYPD car get hit by a harpoon! –Montgoris Dining Hall, St. John's University Overheard by: Craig