20-something, beating his chest and coughing: John, don't die…you're too young, you're too beautiful, the world needs you to stay alive! –55th & Madison Ave Overheard by: Jesus Jon Girl on phone: I just don't see why he doesn't want to do me. –NYU Lab assistant on phone: I mean, I love the way I look. And they way I talk…well, that's fine. But that laugh? Dear god. –NYU Computer Lab Overheard by: meli$$a Man on cell: So that's it? You're genetically superior to her, case closed? –5th Ave & 16th St Overheard by: Prof. Creepyhugz Tall black guy to shorter, buff black guy: It's not about your looks or the way you're built: you've got charisma, you've got something that draws people to you. I know because I've got it too. –Planet Sushi, Amsterdam Ave Overheard by: Suze V Female student, walking in: Okay! The princess is back and she feels ten pounds lighter! –Borough Manhattan Community College Computer Lab Overheard by: Steve