Anthropology prof: Amish youth in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to go out and experience mainstream society for a period of time before deciding whether or not to leave Amish society. An overwhelming amount decide to return to Amish society. That really tells you something about the cohesiveness of this religious sect! (pause) Then again, maybe it's just because Philadelphia is the city they all go out into. –Classroom, Fordham University Overheard by: Martin Van Nostrand Professor: You still need to lubricate anything that's sliding in and out. –The Cooper Union NYU prof: I have an aunt who is 105, and she just keeps on living. I just want to tell her, "you don't need to live for-fucking-ever. Die already, you have no quality of life! –NYU Columbia professor (to teaching assistant): You know, I've been teaching this stuff so long, I almost believe it. –Classroom, Columbia University Professor: I hope that Freud reading gave you a rise. I didn't just say that. –NYU Overheard by: Yeah. It did.