Woman to friend: Wait till I show you the pictures. He looked so good in the coffin… –Gym, Westchester Ave Thug to homies: Yo, we need to take a pic in case the world ends tomorrow. –Q Train Overheard by: Robert Too-cool-for-school coworker: You don't know how to use your scanner?! Shhiiiit, fool! I can teach you that! I taught myself how to use Google Calendar today. I have a Master's in photography. –NYU Overheard by: mm Man on cell: Hi! Oh my gosh, I just got some great pictures of a plane that crashed into the river! –Hudson River Park 20-something girl on phone with friend: Will you grab my camera from the apartment for me before you come out tonight? (pause) Thanks, I need it to take pictures of my conquests.(pause) All men should fear us. –Brooklyn