Girl to friend: This party is going to be awesome! Wait. We have to stop somewhere on the way…I gotta pee before I put out tonight. –Montrose & Graham Dude: Do you even know what an Animal Collective Listening Party means in the rest of the country? –Animal Collective Album Listening Party, River Room, Harlem Overheard by: care bear stare Girl: I think it's okay if she parties, as long as it's with a bunch of Christians. –West 4th b/w 6th & MacDougal Girl to friend: There's this party in the East Village. It's called "Spit." I'll tell you next time I go. It's on Fridays. But my gawd, these guys are cokeheads. I ended up with ten of them in my apartment last week. –8th & 18th Overheard by: Sebastian White Chick on cell: Do parties *count* if there's nothing but necking and spanking and nipple-tweaking? –Columbia University Overheard by: Ladle Guy: I know I'm gay, but the best part of my Bar Mitzvah was meeting the party planner. –Barns & Noble, 8th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Rijita