Girl on cell, pacing outside of restaurant: What happened to you? It was so good to run into you, but you look like a homeless person! –St. Mark's Place b/w Ave A & 1st Ave Guy to young girl: I think the homeless guy on my block has real self-esteem issues. –Astor Place Manager to hobo: Jesus Christ, don't let me catch you here again! The Radisson is right around the corner! –McDonald's Power walking suit on phone: I know, I've never actually seen a female hobo before. –Grand Central Suit on cell: So like, she was homeless, right? But she look gooood! –6th & 19th Overheard by: Sanam Skelly Woman at red table with water jug: Help the homeless! C'mon! They don't like dat shit! –Times Square Overheard by: Cracka Jack