Young hipster to friend: Remember when we sat there, I was high on Vicodin and we saw that guy take a shit in the fountain? –Union Square Greenmarket Rich woman yelling on phone: I don't care about your stupid laws or ethics or whatever. (pause) No, I pay you too much money not to get the goddamn drugs I want. (pause) Just write the fucking prescriptions and send them! What the fuck kind of drug dealing doctor are you? –Metro North Train Loud lady on cell on escalator: I'm on all these medications you're not supposed to be on when you're pregnant! –Barnes & Noble Overheard by: Visiting Kiran Jock: Nothing's as bad as being allergic to Viagra, man! –NYU Bus Lady of indeterminate age: A craving is just a thought on steroids. –26th st & 8th Ave Overheard by: Lucky Gunther Obese woman to male friend: I need to get some Viagra from my dad. –17th St & 8th Ave