Black lesbian hipster: Don't, like, kiss me or look into my eyes…just fuck me and then buy me lunch. –Eugene Lang College Overheard by: Helena the Great Little boy to sister, watching couple kissing and hugging: Ewwwwww! He kissed her! –3rd Ave & 34th St Overheard by: Valley Guy on cell: So then if she has herpes, should I not kiss her? –PATH Train Woman to toddler: Yes, it's good. It's very good. Kissing and hugging are good. –Eldridge St, Chinatown Overheard by: wheelerface Dad, to teenage son: Hey, Karen kissed me. And it was real. –E 20th St Overheard by: Angela 250-pound male Metro worker, singing gruffly: I kissed a girl and I liked it! –Grand Central Overheard by: Chis K