Dude on cell: I have meningitis! I have SARS! (several people look at him in concern) That's what you tell them! Just get out of doing it somehow! –Amtrak Train, Penn Station Overheard by: Momentarily Panicked Irate old lady on cell: What are you talking about? She's supposed to be taking the train. (pause) What? The flu? Tell her to shove it up, I'm getting really sick of this. What kind of flu? Does she have diarrhea? A fever? Is she sneezing, coughing? –W 66th St Overheard by: Susan Volchok Woman to husband: Deaf people can't hear. –MoMA Whiny preteen: Mom, I have diabetes. I'm not even playing around right now–I have diabetes. –Marquis Theatre Overheard by: Just here to see the show… Girl on phone: I don't think I have rabies…do you think I have rabies? –Columbia University Dunkin' Donuts employee, sneezing near donuts, to customer: Don't worry, I work better when I'm sick. –Dunkin' Donuts