Man on cell: You know I can't come over, I'm a daddy now! I have a dog! He needs me 24/7. I can't leave his sight, not even for a second! I'm just out for a moment to buy him some food, but other than that… –Crosstown Bus Souvenir seller: Get your doggy diary! Get your puppy program! Get your beagle bible! Get your bulldog blog! –Westminster Dog Show, Madison Square Garden Man at payphone: They tried to catch the hero dog, but he ran away. –107 & West End Overheard by: kdub Half tone-deaf guy with guitar, singing: I'll marry you for your Green card, but I'll sleep with your sister cause she's prettier than you. She's 75 years old, never been touched by a man, let alone a dog… –1 Train Overheard by: CreateEvity Man leaning out of car, to man walking Schnauzer: Excuse me…that's a Marmaduke? –3rd Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: Jeff S. Woman on cell: If I don't get a dog soon I'm totally going to get pregnant. –Wall Street