Moviegoer: Come on, I wanna see this potentially shitty movie! –AMC Loews, 68th & Broadway Overheard by: Robert Gleyberman Guy on phone: I'm not trying to have sex with you, I just really want to see The Dark Knight. –Union Square Overheard by: Ross Movie theater employee: I don't go to the movies. I watch them on the internet. –AMC Loews, Lincoln Square Overheard by: Holly Guy on cell: Okay, love you, bye… Oh, and the reason she says "Foxy, you better work it out!" is because that's the name of her character in the movie. –62nd & Broadway Overheard by: Richard Nerdy film major: Silent Night, Deadly Night II is the worst movie ever. It's so bad it's amazing. There's something cathartic about watching it; you leave thinking, "there is a god!" –NYU Dining Hall Guy leaving The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: You have to be some kind of anti-Christ to write a movie that retarded. –AMC Loews, 68th & Broadway Overheard by: Mark Nilges Girl, as credits roll at the end of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Wow…they both lived way too long. –AMC Loews, 68th & Broadway