Tourist teen: Scientology? Is that like that crazy Darwinism stuff where they think people are monkeys? –TKTS Guy: Well, 20 million years ago you were a monkey too! –NYC Lab School Overheard by: T Teen to friend: So once the car is full of monkey poop, then you trade it in for another one. –Chelsea Hobo sitting in subway station: Woman ain't want no man in her bed…she want a monkey in her bed…ooohh ooh oh ahh ahhh ahhh. (makes monkey noises) –E Train Overheard by: Ja9 Comedy show hawker: You will all have autism when you're done with this show. And you'll be having sex like monkeys and bunnies. –Times Square Overheard by: fluffyautist Little boy watching monkey, to father: I bet he wouldn't leave his kid at a Wal-Mart. –Bronx Zoo