Man on cell: Well, at least my dick will finally seem bigger! –Prince St. & W Broadway Overheard by: Johnny Puerto Rican lady on phone to pal: Yo, his dick was mad little, yo! My son's dick is bigger than that! –Broadway & Havemeyer, Brooklyn Teen on cell: And you have a small penis. And you're gay. –Brooklyn Overheard by: And I Thought My Day Wasn't Going Well Black gay guy on cell: I feel so sorry for guys with small penises. Here I am, with a 12 inch dick and I don't even use it. –Penn Station Man on cell: You're dumping me because my dick is 11 inches and it's too big? That doesn't make any sense! –Lorimer & Maujer Overheard by: was this a lame attempt to hit on me? Petite yuppie on phone: Oh my god! It was so small I tried so hard not to laugh! But then I decided to boost his spirit and I said to him, "is it because it's cold in here?" (pause) Yeah, you're right, that couldn't have possibly boosted anything at all. Dinner was good, though. –N Train Overheard by: Mefisto