Woman: Shut up! Do you want to end up alone eating a bologna sandwich in the drunk tank? –Ave A & 10th Overheard by: Kira Coworker to office: I love meatloaf. I would wear it on my head like a hat. –6th Ave Overheard by: The Secret Newsbunny Woman getting in cab: Fatty Magoo! I'm going to eat the shit out of some ribs! –24th & 7th Ave NYU boy to friends: Wait! I'm looking at the wrong site…there's all different kinds of sausages. –Kimmel Center, NYU Overheard by: lollin. Hobo: I don't like beef, I don't like chicken, I don't like ribs…I like pussy! –Lower East Side Overheard by: J J Conductor: Everyone please step aside at the next stop and make room for fresh meat. –L Train Overheard by: ooshua