3rd grader, cheerily announcing to subway: I'm starving! I didn't even have breakfast! (jubilantly) Just candy! –4 Train Overheard by: i tried that once Cosi employee to another: Dude, don't tell anyone, but I put a *special ingredient* in the brownies. –Cosi Restaurant Fat girl with three skinny friends and a large cupcake: So what do you think our cupcake choices say about our personalities? –Crumbs Bake Shop Overheard by: Damon Old guy with ponytail: You bootlegged My Bloody Valentine? That's like breaking into the US Mint and stealing the chocolate sauce! –7th Ave Overheard by: Good Analogy Girl: And by "jellybean," I mean "fetus"! –Christopher & W 4th St Woman: It's no longer a chocolate vagina, it's just a pool of chocolate! –Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom Overheard by: Ilyssa