Man helping woman carry stroller down stairs: If you had taken the bloody pill when you said you were taking it, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. –Broadway-Lafayette B/D/F/V Station Overheard by: Jon A. Man walking with girlfriend, loudly: Wait, did you bring your diaphragm? –Times Square Loud woman on cell: How many times do you have to have sex, and have a baby, before you realize: "If I have sex without a condom I will get someone pregnant."? Seriously! –Broadway & 103rd St Overheard by: Amy Guy on phone: I always tell people that sex with you with a condom is better than sex with other girls without a condom. –Outside Trader Joe's, 14th St Zoo guide: This zoo likes to be careful with breeding animals by taking into account genes and the like. But then again, Zippy–the baby snow monkey–came along. So be careful with your birth control. –Central Park Zoo, by the Snow Monkeys Girl to another: I just don't see why we can't make our own condoms. –14th St & 4th Ave

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